Actreg Products

Whether you know exactly what you need or require a complete solution, our engineers are available to assist you at any point
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With a wealth of experience spanning decades, you can rely on Actreg (UK) Ltd to provide you with the correct equipment, precisely when you need it. Our dedicated and profesional sales team are standing by ready to assist you with your queries.
Bespoke Packages
During the many years of providing customers with "standard" equipment, Actreg (UK) Ltd have supplied our clients with packages of a more critical nature. Whether the client provided details of how the controls should operate, or one of our Engineers has had to design the system from a control philosophy, the one thing you can be certain of is that the package will be fully fitted and function tested at our facility.
Epoxy Coated Valve and Actreg Actutator with Closed Loop Control System
Stock Solutions
Actreg (UK) ltd have an excellent understanding of our clients requirements, our stock levels reflect this and evolve regularly based on market trends. Alongside our range of Aluminium Rack and Pinion Actuators, we also stock 316 Stainless Steel Rack and Pinion Actuators. In order to provide the very best level of service, we also stock several ranges of Ball and Butterfly valves in different permutations ensuring we provide equipment urgently and on time.
Aftersales Service
Along with our outstanding stock range of complete units, we also carry a full range of Actuator spares. Thanks to the Actreg Rack and Pinion Aluminium Actuators frictionless operation, these are seldomly required. Occasionaly, site conditions or poor quality air supply can have an adverse effect on the actuators soft seals, but you can rest assured that we can supply spares same day if required. The seals kit is supplied Vacuum formed to a piece of card to allow for removal of components whilst keeping the identity of remaining unused components (see below).
Spares Kit
Example of vacuum formed spares kit